Monday, 15 August 2016

New Cumnock outdoor swimming pool - a summer 'must do'

Another 'do this quick before it's the winter time' post... of course, you could add it to your bucket (and spade) list for summer 2017 and cross your fingers that we actually get a period of warm weather without rain next year, but anyway...

New Cumnock has a lido! Who knew? Not the Guardian and the other hipster publications which list such things and invariably forget about one of East Ayrshire's best kept secrets.... is community owned, although it's just been bought by none other than Prince Charles (well, his foundation through Dumfries House at any rate). Usually this wouldn't be a particular cause for celebration for a leftie like me, but it seems this will mean considerable investment and upgrading of the facilities, so on this occasion, we're OK with it.

Caribbean? Costa del Sol? Nah, it's New Cumnock!

The pool is open from May to September each year (I *think* - it definitely opens for the season in May, and I've scoured their site but can't see when it closes... please tell me if you find out!). Again, it's volunteer run, and it's a fabulous facility - the pool is heated, so the weather is no excuse, and it's got a real old-school feel to it. There are regular events throughout the summer aimed at kids and adults, and you can have a swim, a hot dog and a coffee with change out of a fiver. There are even poolside seats when the weather behaves....

New Cumnock is on the Glasgow-Dumfries railway line, so it's nearer than you think - well worth the trip!

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