Saturday, 13 August 2016

About this blog


Well, I've been thinking about writing this blog for a couple of years now, and here, I've finally got around to it. As the name suggests, I'm a married lady - married to another lady, as it happens. My wife is Ayrshire born and bred and thanks to her, I now also live in this lovely part of South West Scotland. I realised when I moved to Troon back in 2012 that many Scots never visit Ayrshire - we're right on Glasgow's doorstep, and there are so many intriguing places and things to see and do, that I thought I'd start a blog to write about them all. We moved from Troon to Ochiltree in June 2016, and the blog has an unashamed East Ayrshire bias - because that's where all the best things are, apart from Dough Pizza, who are still in Troon. And no one writes about East Ayrshire...


I don't work for the tourist board, and this isn't really a review site - I want to encourage people to visit the South West, so if I think something's a bit rubbish, I'll just not write about it rather than giving it a bad write up on here. If you think there's a place I should write about, drop me a line at 

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